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Omore is a platform where individuals who have a interest, passion or appreciation for traditional attires (customary clothing from a particular region of the globe) and quilted products from all over the world have a place to share in that space. The company involves using the traditional attire, accessories and or quilted products that are new, or gently worn and selling or exchanging it with a new consumer. This provides the opportunity for customers to explore clothing and accessories in different regions while learning facts and traditions from those particular areas of the world.

Main Objectives of Omore

1) To make sure we are contributing to the efforts to help eliminate waste by making the fashion/ apparel industry more sustainable.
2) To create a platform where each customer has the leisure to share their one of a kind items with the rest of the world, while learning where the geography location is as well as facts and proverbs from that country.
3)To provide the opportunity for business owners and Makers to flourish all over the world
              – For developing nations to grow in their textile industries
4)To support social justice causes all over the world
5) To maintain a sustainable business model.

Sell Your Traditional Attires Online

  1. Take a picture of the clothes.
  2. Upload picture and specify the measurements/size.
  3. Promote on social media to get it sold quickly.

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